“I am passionate to inspire business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs, like you, who want to make change. I empower and facilitate you to achieve business, professional and personal success.”

Maria Spiteri, Founder, MJS Coaching & Consulting

Are you inspired to make change in your business, professional or personal life?

Do you want to move to the next level, and experience even more success?

Are you’re feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, perhaps from a level of overwhelm that may be stopping you?


I support you to identify and achieve your goals, with superfast success strategies

Let me take you on a journey of empowerment, courage and growth.

I show you how to step out of your comfort (or discomfort) zone and achieve your next level of success.


Coaching & Consulting


I am a Certified Business Coach and provide expert Business Coaching to professionals, individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate clients, in groups and individually. With Business Post Graduate Degrees, extensive Corporate experience, and as an Entrepreneur, I have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in business and coaching that I bring to my clients.

“Maria provided invaluable advice on how to approach various challenges presented to us. She is a clearly knowledgeable and experienced Coach who pushed us to think differently. Maria was genuinely tracking my development and offering advice tailored to my own personal journey.”

Chris, Manager, Santander Bank, London

My business background is in Coaching, Psychology, Project Management, Global Change and Transformation Programmes in the corporate world.  I have a deep understanding of success through my knowledge and extensive experience. My business clients have included the world’s leading Investment Banks, Global Corporations and Consultancies. My entrepreneurial experience has been in Real Estate/Property and Consulting.

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Clarity Consulting creates personal, professional and business transformation. It is highly effective in creating instant shifts and results, and moves you to your next level in life. I permanently clear your obstacles from negative conscious and subconscious beliefs and emotions, to positivity. This results in you living in flow, so that you experience success easily, effortlessly, and you’re living in full alignment.

“I had a deeply insightful healing session with Maria recently. She is a deeply intuitive person who was able to hold space for me in a non judgemental and compassionate way.  I felt really safe to explore truthfully what limiting beliefs and behaviours of mine were blocking my path to creating a life that I love. This centred particularly around money blocks and creating my own business.  Its great to know these blocks are gone now and I feel so much more confident in taking my next steps without all that baggage weighing me down! I highly recommend Maria to help you change your mindset. Thank you so much!”

Cristina, General Medical Practitioner (GP), Australia

With a Degree in Psychology, I am an expert in a number of mindset and energy modalities, including being a ThetaHealing Master Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotic Practitioner and Reiki Master.


Work With Me

“My mission is to empower you to create a life you love and a lifestyle you adore. Work with me to create business, professional and personal success.”

Maria Spiteri

I know what it means to move from feeling disempowered in life, to being fully empowered to live a meaningful life, and I have a deep passion to share this with you.

Through my own fascinating journey of self discovery, I discovered strategies to create the lifestyle I wanted, easily, effortlessly and in flow.

I show my clients, and you, how to overcome your fear and frustrations, to live in your full potential, with freedom, flexibility and fulfilment.



Contact me using the details below for a Free Discovery Call.

Tel: +44 (0)7595 321679

Email: maria@mjscoachingconsulting.com

Virtual Locations: Globally Online via Skype or WhatsApp Video

Locations: In person in London, Los Angeles, Malta

Terms and Conditions: Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

Introduction Programme: If you love what you experience through my services, I love to show you my appreciation. I look after my clients with exclusive offers when you provide introductions. Take a look at my Introduction Programme for further information.