Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Corporate Wellbeing and Mindfulness


From Stress to Success

How you change in challenging times is how you succeed

Harvard scientists have determined that meditation positively changes the structure of the brain. A Harvard Business review states that through meditation, brain activity is re-routed from the limbic system, which is the reactionary part of the brain that controls processing of emotions, behaviour, motivation and memories, to the prefrontal cortex, which is the rational part of the brain that manages planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, reasoning and moderating social behaviour. This moves us from impulsive reactions to rational cognitive functioning.

In the current pandemic times, employees are experiencing increasing stress, coupled with uncertainty of the future. For businesses, stress can have a severe impact on performance and health, resulting in under performance, sickness and extended absenses.

Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will make that difference


Mindfulness and meditation classess provide these solutions.

  • 30, 45, 60, 90 minute online classes
  • Individual and group classes available
  • Video recorded and live specials
  • Series of online programmes to improve wellbeing
  • Proven scientific information supporting the benefits
  • Guidelines for practical follow-up tasks
  • Follow up support to reinforce and embed the classes
  • Mindfulness and meditation has proven results at the top world-class businesses, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple


Mindfulness and meditation has the following benefits:

 Reduces fear

Enhances creativity

Enhances productivity

 Reduces self limiting beliefs

 Increases positive power

 Provides fitness for the mind

 Ability to calm the mind on demand

 Increases energy

 Increases positivity and interactions

Increases assertiveness

Increases life balance

 Increases wellbeing

 Employees succeed in the way they want to succeed

 Empowered employees create better results