Theta Healing Sessions

What Happens in a Theta Healing® Session?

I work with you in a one-to-one session via Skype or phone to identify and release the blocks and repeating patterns that are causing challenges in your life. These blocks and repeating patterns may be causing you great discomfort and possibly frustration by preventing you to be where you want in life and making life more difficult than it should be.

Prior to the Session

Prior to the session, please complete and return this Client Form where you provide details including information on your challenges and goals and what you would like to achieve during the session. We then find that the session is far more productive and effective. If this is this your first Theta session, then please also provide your Skype ID.

During the Session

During the session, you sit in a relaxed position. The session starts by setting an intention to identify what you wish to resolve in the session and we focus on one area that is causing you the greatest discomfort in life. We discuss your challenges and identify your goals and what the ideal scenario and outcome would be for you. In this way, the session is far more productive and effective.

Once we have discussed this, I ask you to close your eyes. I take you on a meditative journey to go into a Theta brainwave state which is very relaxing. I require your permission for everything that we do in the session, so I will ask you for permission to carry out a body scan to see what is happening inside you on a quantum energy level in your DNA. In the Theta state, we are able to work with the subconscious mind where all our beliefs on all four levels are held: Core, Genetic, History and Soul. The process determines where the original belief and pattern started. I may ask questions to determine the bottom belief so that we remove this at the deepest level.

Muscle Testing

We test these beliefs to identify which beliefs are not serving you and should be removed. These may be hidden and unknown to you, so we use muscle testing (also known as Kinesiology) that knows what beliefs and patterns are in your subconscious mind, of which you are not consciously aware. I will show you how to do the muscle testing. You will need to be hydrated, so be prepared by having a glass of water by your side.

In the Theta state, I connect to a greater power and work with Divine Universal Intelligence to co-create the changes. With your permission, the beliefs to be removed are identified and removed instantly. Beliefs are removed on the Core, Genetic and Soul level and resolved on the History level. I then download new empowering beliefs, feelings and understandings. I use my expertise to guide you to you experience the changes to your beliefs and feelings instantly, which you will feel within your whole being. This works with your DNA at the quantum energy level. It really is fascinating!

Ending the Session

I bring you back from the Theta state and ground you fully so that you can continue with your day. You may notice that you feel differently about things and your behaviour will change as you approach things in a different way with these new insights. You will feel energised, with a new sense of invigorating optimism and a new outlook on life.

After the Session

These changes are profound and may impact many different areas in your life. I would recommend that you book follow-up sessions to uncover other blockages that you have as we often have numerous blockages and numerous layers that we need to work on to really get to the truth of who we are. Removal of blockages results in energy being able to flow to you because there isn’t anything blocking it reaching you. This results in amazing coincidences, synchronicity, abundance and generally a much easier life, which my clients and I myself have experienced and is the way we should be living and experiencing life!

This process works equally well over Skype or phone as it does in-person. If you prefer an in-person session, please let me know.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 48 hours cancellation notice policy to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the full single session fee will be charged.


Contact me here to book one session or a package.