I am Certified as a ThetaHealing® Master Practitioner. I use my intuitive intelligence to work with clients to experience profound “aha” moments, where sudden insights, discoveries, realisations and solutions to problems comes to mind and this clears negative issues and brings spontaneous changes for emotional and physical wellbeing.

I have had numerous clients who have experienced immediate successful results with the following issues:

✓  Manifesting Meaningful Success

✓  Identifying your Life Purpose

✓  Creating Wealth

✓  Confidence Building

✓  Attracting Business Clients

✓  Managing Emotions

✓  Relationship Issues

✓  Overcoming Personal Loss

✓  Abandonment Issues

✓  Weight Loss

✓  Physical Pain

Theta Healing has been instantaneous in making great shifts in my clients’ lives, enabling them to understand their self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours which have stopped them achieving their goals. These profound shifts results in them living in flow, so that life and goals become effortless and filled with synchronicity. This incorporates the fascinating area of quantum physics to create a positive lifestyle.

How Theta Healing Works

There are five brainwaves; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta. Theta is a brainwave that is in a deeply relaxed state. It is associated with creativity, emotional connection, deep meditation, intuition, relaxation and dreaming. Accessing theta​ brainwaves impacts the wellbeing for your mind, body and soul to enable you to instantly clear unconscious limiting beliefs, of which you may not necessarily be aware, and move to being able to live in a positive state.

Intuitive Intelligence

In this brainwave state, I use my unique intuitive intelligence to tap into your issues and find the answer based your beliefs, emotions, experiences and traumas that your body and mind are holding onto. This goes deeper than any other modality to resolve your deepest hidden beliefs. We have many beliefs on different levels and by getting to the deepest belief that underlies all other beliefs, it is possible to remove many blocks and issues in life. Theta Healing changes beliefs on the Core, Genetic, Soul and History level.



  • Core refers to beliefs we were taught in childhood, from birth to 7 years old
  • Genetic is the beliefs from our ancestors which are stored in our DNA and contains all beliefs from generations back
  • History level is the beliefs from throughout history, in the mass collective consciousness, that are taken to be true and are carried into the present day
  • Soul refers to the beliefs and lessons our soul is carrying into this life from previous lives

ThetaHealing® has been seen in:


Here I am explaining Theta Healing.

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Disclaimer: The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. “ThetaHealing® is a registered trademark of THInK at“. 


“I had a deeply insightful healing session with Maria recently. She is a deeply intuitive person who was able to hold space for me in a non judgemental and compassionate way.  I felt really safe to explore truthfully what limiting beliefs and behaviours of mine were blocking my path to creating a life that I love. This centred particularly around money blocks and creating my own business.  Its great to know these blocks are gone now and I feel so much more confident in taking my next steps without all that baggage weighing me down! I highly recommend Maria to help you change your mindset. Thank you so much!”

Cristina Cooper, General Medical Practitioner (GP), Australia

“Thank you so much for the ThetaHealing session today. I feel that I’m full of bright and light energy from inside out. Your calming and relaxing voice made me feel at ease with all my overwhelming emotions. You made me feel safe and confident. Thank you so much for bringing healing into my life. xxx”

Ania Metcalfe, Healing Practitioner, London

“I’ve really enjoyed my session with Maria! She made me comfortable, and chanelled precise information from the Creator. My life has changed since I met her. I would definitely recommend her!”

Yuna Salou, London