Testy Besty

“Before I started having sessions with Maria, life was an uphill struggle. Now in comparison, I’m sailing on the wind, everything comes to me, flowing freely and easily, as Maria said it would, and that’s how it feels. I was struggling to make it from one month to the next and I couldn’t do the things I wanted to, and now I have a more positive outlook in life and I am achieving all my ambitions that were previously eluding me. I can have the things I want and they come easily to me. I always look for every advantage in life to make my life better and more efficient, and I can see that the sessions with Maria are fully enabling me to achieve that.”

David, Property Investor and Landlord, London, UK

“You are in the most gentle and capable hands and en route to find out a lot about yourselves. Maria is unique in combining competences such as Theta Healing, business acumen, strategic thinking, NLP, personal development, emotional intelligence, project management, entrepreneurship, psychology, etc…It was mind-blowing to see her in action! Within an hour she went in depth with my financial, personal, career and family issues … She identified clearly where the problems were and she prompted me to find the solutions and together we defined an action plan with specific goals. I felt relieved from my emotional and psychological clutter, in fact I realised how empowered and inspired I was after our session! I loved the experience! Maria is currently following up with my progress and I have no alternative but to deliver! Maria, I can’t thank you enough!!”

Ellie Vassy, Financial Controller and Business Owner, London, UK

“I’ve worked with Maria a number of times on relationship and money issues. I’ve felt every session we’ve had has been a great success, with Maria uncovering deep subconscious beliefs that I didn’t even know where there and I’ve always felt lighter and more positive after each healing. The last time we worked together, I needed some help in finding the right house to buy, for myself and my son. I had not sold my current home but I viewed a house and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it had an offer accepted on it by another buyer and I was struggling to find anything else that came close to it. After working with Maria to try and uncover what was holding me back from finding a suitable house, I was contacted by the estate agent to say that house I loved was back on the market and I have since sold my property and had my offer accepted on the new house! I’m so grateful to Maria for clearing whatever resistance I had to obtaining my dream home and she’s definitely invited to the house warming!! I would highly recommend Maria for helping with any challenges you may have – she is a highly skilled Theta Healer!”

Nicola, Partner Account Manager, London, UK

“After trying many different types of personal development & not really getting anywhere and being in a rut, by some miracle I came across Maria. Maria’s holistic approach, coupled with her outstanding coaching skills, she managed to change my life in one session by removing my negative blocks. I feel absolutely amazing, she has put me in touch with my intuition in a way that I have never experienced or could ever of imagined, I feel so much happier, in the flow & ready to create my new business. Maria is an absolute Angel & one of a kind, I cannot recommend her highly enough, she has even helped me feel at peace & helped remove anxiety with all that is going on with the world & Covid -19. Thank you for helping me to start to create my new amazing life, I am so grateful!…”

Sam, Business Manager, Travel Industry, London, UK

“I just wanted to start by telling you how wonderful your services are. One of the key things we discussed was my ability to stay calm in stressful situations and to shift focus from the negativity of the situation to the actual goals I need to accomplish. A couple of days later I had a situation where someone was screaming in my face and pushing for a physical confrontation. This went on for a good 30 minutes and I was extremely calm and controlled throughout the whole situation. I have been in the same situation many times before but was always reactive and upset. Also, after the confrontation, I was able to quickly regain focus and went back to getting what I needed done. You are incredible. Your voice, attitude and style of interaction are exactly what are needed with the work you do.”

Nav Ham, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Los Angeles, USA

“Before having sessions with Maria, I was not focused on how to best position myself within the business I work in. I knew what my end goal was but within the current “working structure” of the business, achieving the goals were extremely difficult. Maria put in perspective my value and what it was worth – which ultimately helped me shape (with her assistance) the path forward. Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by understanding my value. My intellect and experience needs to be put into action whereby I am able to focus on what I am best at and what can make me the most money. Now I am able to download work that doesn’t put me in a position to make more money.”

Damon Allan, Luxury Business Owner, Malta

“I would like to start by thanking you for this amazing experience. My session was amazing and I must say you’re very professional. You first explained what will happen during the session and made sure I’m comfortable before starting. I must say I was super impressed. I was so relaxed and confident about a few issues I had bearing in my mind. During the session you explained that some times we know what we want in life its a matter of taking the opportunity when available. I look at situations differently today and I thank you for this once again Maria. I wanted to send you a big thank you for your help. Today I understand more than ever that thanks to you, today I’m doing what I always wanted, thanks.”

Henry Zammit, Business Owner, Malta

“I had a deeply insightful healing session with Maria recently. She is a deeply intuitive person who was able to hold space for me in a non judgemental and compassionate way.  I felt really safe to explore truthfully what limiting beliefs and behaviours of mine were blocking my path to creating a life that I love. This centred particularly around money blocks and creating my own business.  Its great to know these blocks are gone now and I feel so much more confident in taking my next steps without all that baggage weighing me down! I highly recommend Maria to help you change your mindset. Thank you so much!”

Cristina Cooper, General Medical Practitioner (GP), Australia

“I’ve just had my third session with Maria and oh my goodness. I’m not sure I can express enough in one testimonial how wonderful my experiences have been. Having a life that I already love, three lovely children and a warm home, I felt as though I wasnt deserving of any extra help in the way that I should just be grateful for what I have and to just think positively. Something was niggling away at me, habits were being repeated, not necessarily awful ones but the kind that were disruptive to the peaceful routine/life I’d wanted. Giving myself to three other little humans everyday, I needed something for me. Beginning my session with Maria, I was quite down and emotional, not something I would usually put on display. While she sensitively and professionally took me through the motions of her session I felt safe and comfortable and strangely trusting the situation completely. Her techniques were amazing and as the session continued I could feel the change in myself almost instantly. By the end of the session I felt completely re energised, happy and with a completely new sense of self worth. I had just started a new business and the areas of which I was struggling, I seemed to breeze through afterward. My confidence had grown and it all felt so natural. Beginning my third session I was almost excited knowing I would be left to feel amazing afterwards. Again, Maria went through the motions and picked up on so many extra barriers I had been putting or letting others put in my way. Even things I had thought about from my past, only that morning!  I would definitely recommend Maria, she has a pleasant, calming, inviting nature and an infectious outlook that can only do a person good. I’m so pleased I stepped slightly out of my comfort zone to have my sessions as I’m now in the most comfortable and exciting place I’ve been in for…forever!”

Dawn, Entrepreneur and Aspiring Children’s Author, London, England

“Maria provided invaluable advice on how to approach various challenges presented to us. She is a clearly knowledgeable and experienced Coach who pushed us to think differently. Maria was genuinely tracking my development and offering advice tailored to my own personal journey.”

Chris, Manager, Santander Bank, London, UK

“Maria is an ever positive, great listener and Coach. Over 15 months Maria demonstrated her value and really helped me with my personal development. I would gladly work with Maria again.”

Ian, Programme Manager, Santander Bank, London, UK

“On a personal level, you have been incredibly supportive on a 1:1 basis and I have found it extremely useful to have you as a soundboard as someone outside of my day to day network.”

Matthew, Manager, Santander Bank, London, UK

“Firstly, I wanted to say that I’d not had a Coach before, so I was a little bit sceptical as to the personal value that I would get from it. However, I kept and open mind and I’m thankful that I did, through the journey I found it incredibly useful to set goals and targets for myself, and then discuss my progress against these. I have always thought of myself as driven and whilst I still feel this is true, I now really value the open commitment to someone independent to nudge me and to help me find the answers.”

Bob, Senior Manager, Santander Bank, UK

“Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by encouraging me to use the concept of ‘possibility thinking’ to turn my mind-set (and those of others) around in order to overcome resistance to new ideas. This has proven to be a simple, yet effective tool. Maria very effectively kept me focused on using the ‘possibility thinking’ technique as a way of opening up the conversations and exploring deeper options.”

Julian, Head of Reporting, Financial Accounting & Control, Santander Bank, London, UK

“I really feel that I benefitted very much from your insight and suggestions. You really made me look at issues in a way that I would not otherwise have thought of. Thank you.”

Doug, Manager, Santander Bank, London, UK

“Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by training me so I have good thoughts about myself, avoiding hindering thoughts, teaching me to train the brain, filling it with positive things and preparing beforehand my meetings, so I can feel confidence in speaking up. My role needs high levels of confidence and being able to deal with very senior managers. She gave me different options and tips to change my habits of thinking. The obstacles I faced were to stop hindering thoughts, as they popped into my mind so easily. I will continue to make a difference by believing in myself, speaking up, when required and recognising and rejecting hindering thoughts.”

Marta, Finance Senior Manager, Santander Bank, Milton Keynes, UK

“Thank you for all your help throughout the program as well, you were by far the best Skills Coach and I really appreciate you being there to support whenever needed.”

Brittney, Asset Management, UBS Bank, London, UK

“Hi Maria, Just a quick observation following our chat yesterday. This morning, I listened to a couple of motivational videos and I can see the difference in my mood this morning. I feel like today especially, I feel like I have more energy, happier, and I’m being more deliberate about things. I’ll update you how things are progressing. Just wanted to say please don’t stop doing what you do, you are making a difference. Thanks again.” 

May, UBS Bank, London, UK

“Maria is an amazing healer and a fantastic coach. She understood me instantly and able to give me such clarity that I have been searching for years. She listens attentively and enables you to explore your own inner depths with a sense of serenity and calm. It’s an all round wonderful service that she offers. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change in her/his life.”

Livia, Healing Practitioner, London, UK

“Thank you so much for the ThetaHealing session today. I feel that I’m full of bright and light energy from inside out. Your calming and relaxing voice made me feel at ease with all my overwhelming emotions. You made me feel safe and confident. Thank you so much for bringing healing into my life. xxx”

Ania Metcalfe, Healing Practitioner, London, UK

“I’ve really enjoyed my session with Maria! She made me comfortable, and provided precise information. My life has changed since I met her. I would definitely recommend her!”

Yuna Salou, Healing Practitioner, London, UK