Testimonials Old

Here are a few testimonials from clients, emphasising the immediate results that clients have experienced, which has been extremely rewarding.

“Dear current and new clients of Maria Spiteri

You are in the most gentle and capable hands and en route to find out a lot about yourselves.

Maria is unique in combining competences such as business acumen, strategic thinking, NLP, personal development, emotional intelligence, project management, entrepreneurship, psychology, etc…It was mind-blowing to see her in action! Within an hour she went in depth with my financial, personal, career and family issues … She identified clearly where the problems were and she prompted me to find the solutions and together we defined an action plan with specific goals. I felt relieved from my emotional and psychological clutter, in fact I realised how empowered and inspired I was after our session! I loved the experience!

Maria is currently following up with my progress and I have no alternative but to deliver!

Maria, I can’t thank you enough!!”

Ellie Raycheva, Chartered Accountant/Consultant, London, England

Hi Maria,

I would like to start by thanking you for this amazing experience.

My first session was amazing and I must say you’re very professional at your job. You first explained what will happen during the session and made sure I’m comfortable before starting.

I must say I was super impressed. I was so relaxed and confident about a few issues I had bearing in my mind. During the session you explained that some times we know what we want in life its just a matter of taking the opportunity when available.

I look at situations differently today and I thank you for this once again Maria, I’m looking forward of my next session 🙂

Thanks and Regards”

Henry Zammit, Business Owner, Malta

Follow up testimonial:

“I wanted to send you a big thank you for your help when you offered your coaching. Today I understand more than ever that thanks to you, today I’m doing what I always wanted, thanks”

Henry Zammit, Business Owner, Malta

“Before having sessions with Maria, I was not focused on how to best position myself within the business I work in. I knew what my end goal was but within the current “working structure” of the business, achieving the goals were extremely difficult. Maria put in perspective my value and what it was worth – which ultimately helped me shape (with her assistance) the path forward. Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by understanding my value. My intellect and experience needs to be put into action whereby I am able to focus on what I am best at and what can make me the most money. Now I am able to download work that doesn’t put me in a position to make more money.”

DCA, Business Owner, Malta

“Hi Maria,

I know you are very passionate about empowering people through NLP.

My session with you was incredible. From the start you were making sure I was comfortable and happy to talk about the issues that were on my mind. The initial discussion to outline the areas I wanted to work on was conducted with great professionalism and care. You managed to put me at ease and by gently breaking down the issues into more understandable chucks which made me feel less anxious and overwhelmed. Then, by using NLP techniques, you began to make me feel that I had the confidence to improve myself and that with the right attitude I can achieve anything.

I especially enjoyed the session and I felt great, very relaxed and when I stood up I genuinely felt 10 feet tall. Walking back to the station I noticed a spring in my step, a smile on my face and and genuine air of confidence. The next day at work I was amazed to find I had a more positive attitude and was able to deal with things with a lot more ease.

I would like to thank you, you are a natural. I will definitely be recommending you and look forward to further sessions with you.
Many thanks”

Graham Baker, Technology Manager, Investment Banking, London, England


Just wanted to start by telling you how wonderful your services are.

I did one session with you and one of the key things we discussed was my ability to stay calm in stressful situations and to shift focus from the negativity of the situation to the actual goals I need to accomplish.

A couple of days later I had a situation where someone was screaming in my face and pushing for a physical confrontation. This went on for a good 30 minutes and I was extremely calm and controlled throughout the whole situation.  I have been in the same situation many times before but was always reactive and upset. Also, after the confrontation, I was able to quickly regain focus and went back to getting what I needed done.

You are incredible.  Your voice, attitude and style of interaction are exactly what are needed with the work you do. Not to mention your beautiful smile.”

Navid Hamid, Business Owner, Los Angeles, USA

“Maria Spiteri helped me to make a difference to gain self-confidence in my English skills (English is not my first language) and to increase my assertiveness.  Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by training me so I have good thoughts about myself, avoiding hindering thoughts, teaching me to train the brain, filling it with positive things and preparing beforehand my meetings, so I can feel confidence in speaking up. My role needs high levels of confidence and being able to deal with very senior managers. She gave me different options and tips to change my habits of thinking. The obstacles I faced were to stop hindering thoughts, as they popped into my mind so easily. The solution was to ‘force’ myself to have a couple of positive thoughts about me every single day. I will continue to make a difference by believing in myself, speaking up, when required and recognising and rejecting hindering thoughts.”

MdlF, Finance Director, Santander Bank, London, UK

“Maria Spiteri has helped me to make a difference and the measurable difference I have made is I have conducted effective “Career Conversations” with each individual member of my team. The outputs of these meetings included at least two specific recommendations for each team member’s personal development to be included in their Personal Excellence Plan for 2018. Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by encouraging me to use the concept of “possibility thinking” to turn my mind-set (and those of others) around in order to overcome resistance to new ideas. This has proven to be a simple, yet effective tool. Maria very effectively kept me focused on using the “possibility thinking” technique as a way of opening up the conversations and exploring deeper options.”

JC, Finance Director, Santander Bank, London, UK

“I chose to have a session with Maria to help combat my fear of job interviews!

Before an interview I would feel very nervous, sometimes would even get physically sick. After my session, which was the day before a recent job interview, I woke up on the morning of the interview feeling calm, confident and with no sign of nausea whatsoever! For me this definitely worked and I have already booked in with Maria for my 2nd interview (yes I was successful in my first one).

Maria has a very calming voice and allowed me to relax deeply and comfortably. I usually find it very difficult to concentrate when trying to fully relax or meditate and I always get the giggles when trying to concentrate on relaxation. At the start of my session I was, as usual, giggling but Maria calmed me right down and I was able to fall under a complete state of relaxation which was great… I stayed in this state, right up until Maria brought me back when counting from 5 to 1; and funnily enough, the giggles were back. This for me shows that this definitely worked and she had put me into a state to reach my subconscious during the session.

I am really looking forward to my next session with Maria.”

Kirsty Cosgrove, Insurance Senior Account Manager, Malta

“Being quite skeptical to anything different to the norm but with the want to self improve, I try to be open minded for all different methods to lead a happy and healthy life.

When the opportunity to experience Intuitive reiki with Maria came my way I was excited to try something new, set my bar of expectations to low (as my natural instincts tell me) and set about my new experience and opened myself up to it as far as my skepticism would let me.

The whole experience was unreal- relaxing and rejuvenating to say the least. Things happened to me in the process (good things) that I couldn’t explain in any other way than the fact that this technique works for whatever you’re searching for – even if you don’t know what that specifically is.

Maria spoke of my private life status which revealed how I viewed my relationship and whether there was truth in my own judgement, relieved the pain of an injury to my leg and answered a question I had privately asked to myself.

Going back to the skeptisism I have to alternative healing methods, I have to keep reminding myself of the moment my session ended where I was left feeling elated, relaxed and stress free. My ongoing attitude is positive and I woke up this morning looking forward to the day ahead.

I will be going back for more sessions as I feel personally it would be something I would benefit from as form of ‘body maintenance’. Thank you Maria for opening up this skeptic mind and I look forward to having this experience with you again.”

Dawn-Marie Cassidy, London, UK

“Maria carried out Intuitive Reiki on me and I had a positive and relaxing experience. I was having back pains and was leaning over at the start of the session, however, immediately after the session I was able to sit up straighter and felt much better and felt relief for a few days after. During the session I was taken back in my mind to think about when I didn’t have any pain, and this comforted me. Maria also gave me advice on what changes I should be making to ensure a happy and healthy future. I would recommend Maria for her ability to put you at ease and offer helpful relaxation and reduce stress.”

Philip, Retired Professional, London, UK

Maria provided the perfect level of coaching, and deployed a great amount of flexibility in her role, responding to different situations that we encountered on the i25 Programme. Maria was not overbearing or rigid in her approach and I appreciated her style. Maria understood our business challenges, was very knowledgeable to provide the appropriate coaching, guidance, facilitation and suggestions for improvements and kept us accountable throughout the programme. Her extensive experience in project management was evident as she brought relevant and appropriate concepts into the discussion. Maria provided useful and specific feedback based on situational experience as and when it was needed at the appropriate time.