Our Journey

We have always been fascinated by the mind and human behaviour. Maria graduated with a psychology degree from Brunel University, London, specialising in occupational psychology in the workplace, having completed work placements with various occupational psychologists. Maria went on to achieve a post graduate degree in personnel management at Kingston University, South-West London, and had the opportunity to travel to Australia to study a business post graduate with the University of South Australia. Having worked in the corporate world for world-leading global companies for 20 years, spanning HR, IT and Investment Banking. Maria has also been a property entrepreneur and investor with her own portfolio for 15 years, undertaking renovations and providing comfortable homes. Maria qualified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and has applied project management principles throughout her corporate and entrepreneurial experience for over 15 years, to organise and create systems, processes, provide streamlining, improvements and efficiencies.

Over 13 years ago, Maria became interested in the potential of achieving enhanced success through transforming mindset, and studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis with Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, and is a Master Practitioner for enhanced mindset, communication and language skills, and also a Hypnotic Practitioner to understand the subconscious mind. Maria discovered the world of coaching to enhance her own success and completed Mastery University for in-depth immersion into Life, Wealth and Relationships with Tony Robbins, the creator of coaching, as well Business Mastery and Unleash the Power Within (UPW), where she completed fire walks to embed a true sense of self-belief and making the impossible, possible. 

Having completed a 20-year corporate career, Maria turned her attention to finding more meaning to life and in the last five years, Maria has been living between London, Essex and Malta for a more balanced and enriching lifestyle, living with vibrancy, in the countryside full of nature, with sunshine and by the sea. When she first moved to Malta, she utilised her Hypnotic Practitioner training and saw numerous clients who wanted to experience rapid positive change through the subconscious mind for various issues in their lives, from stress, various addictions, anger management, interview preparation, confidence, fears, phobias and career progression. 

Maria became aware of the realm of energy healing and the power of the heart, combined with the mind in developing intuition, rather than just using the mind and logic. Having first studied meditation 20 years ago with Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University, she noticed the immense impact it had on her life, turning it around during a difficult time, and has continued to understand different methods of meditation, mindfulness, chakras, energy systems in the body and the positive effect it has on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. In Malta, Maria attended a meditation group and became connected once again to meditation and experienced intense body energy transmissions and energy healing from the teacher. Fascinated by this, Maria extended her skills into becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher in order to practice and teach using universal energy for physical healing, relieving stress and providing rejuvenation. Maria studied the work of Dr David Hawkins and his levels of consciousness, understanding the impact of power versus force. 

Maria also became a certified coach herself, setting up a limited company business to provide coaching and consulting to identify and monitor goals to achieve clients’ success in groups and in one-top-one sessions at world-leading banks, spanning different topics including leadership, digital innovation and financial skills.

Maria went on to explore energy healing further and immersed herself in becoming a Master Theta Healing Practitioner with Anna Kitney, Skylar Acamesis and Vanya Silverton as well as becoming an Instructor with the creator of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal. This enables Maria to teach and practice the fascinating realm of energy healing by accessing the superconscious and carries out intuitive assessments to find the root of the issue or block, for healing limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, emotional, psychological and physical issues associated with childhood, ancestral, past lives and the soul. Maria releases these and replaced them with supporting beliefs, lessons, values and virtues. Maria also understands and utilises the unequivocal universal laws to create success.

Maria has been interested with past life regression having realised a particular capability to easily see clients’ past lives and how they are impacting them today, and has also observed the work of Dolores Cannon, a well known past life regression hypnotherapist and teacher. Wanting her clients to be able to experience this themselves, Maria became a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner to take clients on a journey to experience their own past lives. Maria also has studied Silent Counselling and is a practitioner for non-invasive meridian therapy to help with resolving emotional and mindset issues through touching certain body meridian points for different issues, without the need to talk through sometimes traumatic issues. 

Maria has qualified as a Mental Health First Aider in order to understand how to recognise and manage various mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety, helping to reduce stigmas and promote positive change. 

Maria has also studied Access Consciousness and Access Bars to explore possibilities for positive change in a simple, fun and uplifting way. 

Maria uses Healy frequencies, a revolutionary microcurrent medical device to identify and provide relief for various issues we may experience in our lives, which complements all the other modalities she has learnt.

Maria has embraced learning throughout her life, and she is currently studying to become a Medical Intuitive with Skylar Acamesis in order to understand in-depth, the human body and its capabilities for self-healing. 

All of these combined, bring a unique perspective to the meaning of life and what we are capable of achieving, in conventional day-to-day versions of success, and also on a more metaphysical level through our energy bodies, vibrational frequency and universal laws, providing deep meaningful life and business transformation, success and alignment in all aspects of our lives.