Lifestyle Living Programme-Costs


The Lifestyle Living Programme empowers you to live the lifestyle of your choice.

Consider creating a new life that is meaningful for you, where you’re living in flow so that life is easy and abundance comes your way. Experience this new approach to working, where you can have the lifestyle you want. Experience:

Freedom: Free your mind and body from the negative clutter that is holding you back and stopping you moving forward. Choose how you manage your time on your terms that suits your lifestyle

Flexibility: Live in a way that you want, whether it’s spending more time at home, being in a professional office or having presence online, in whichever global location you choose so that you can travel and see the world

Fulfilment: Choose to focus on what you are passionate about in life by being empowered so that your mind and body supports you in a meaningful way, with clients who resonate and enrich you

Life is too short to not be spending it in the way you want. Say goodbye to the traditional 9 to 5 and welcome the new era of living. Let me guide you on your journey and show you how to do this.

  • Three month Coaching programme, online meeting twice a month
  • 60 minute sessions which are recorded
  • Each session focuses on essential areas of your life to create success
  • Each session builds on the previous one, with progression, goal defining and accountability
  • I ensure thorough development and integration so that you grow and achieve your desired lifestyle
  • Lifestyle Planning and Monitoring
  • Lifestyle Living Workbook
  • 30 minute messenger/email support each month

Exclusive Bonuses for a limited time only:

  • Recorded meditation to accelerate success
  • 60 minute personalised energy clearing consultation to change beliefs and emotions to create results

All for £397 per month or £997 paid in full


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