Lifestyle Living Programme-Original

The Lifestyle Living Programme is living the lifestyle of your choice.

Imagine living a life on your own terms where you choose:

Where you want to be…

How you spend your time…

Who you spend your time with…

You don’t have to be in the rat race, unhappy, and just chasing life for money, with limited holidays and a lack of free time. You shouldn’t you be doing something you don’t enjoy, or that is not aligned to your values.

We weren’t born just to work.

We were born to work on ourselves so that we can be the best version of ourselves.

Consider creating a new life that is meaningful for you, where you’re living in flow so that life is easy and abundance comes your way.

We cannot create abundance while we are living in fear, with negative emotions and beliefs. In order to be abundant, you need to overcome your fears and subconscious limiting beliefs which are holding you back.

  • Three month programme, online meeting twice a month
  • 60 minute sessions which are recorded
  • Lifestyle Living Workbook
  • 30 minute messenger/email support each month
  • Each session focuses on the following areas of your life:
    1. Life Purpose
    2. Manifesting Lifestyle
    3. Self-Awareness
    4. Career and Wealth
    5. Environment
    6. Relationships and Support

Each session builds on the previous session, with progression, goal defining and accountability. I ensure thorough development and integration so that you grow and achieve that which you most greatly desire.

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Recorded meditation to accelerate success
  • Personalised energy clearing to change beliefs and create results


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