Hypnosis & NLP

Hypnosis & NLP

Hypnosis is used to target specific areas in your life which require extra focus and may have been hindering your behaviour in life. You may have tried to resolve these by yourself, however found yourself back at the same place, repeating your non supportive behaviours and addictions.

The mind is like an iceberg, with only a small proportion of our mind activity being visible to us. The mind is made up of the conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind contains only 5% of our thoughts, and these are the thoughts we are aware of. The subconscious mind contains 95% of our thoughts, and these are unconscious programmes running in the background of our mind, on autopilot. Some of these programmes work well, and support our body, such as directing the heart to beat and pump blood around the body. Often these unconscious programmes are not supportive and leads us to carry out erratic and negative behaviours, which cause us distress, anxiety and result in negative experiences in life, such as food addictions, stress and worry.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) focuses attention on the language we use and uses this to influence and change the existing limiting programmes that you are running in your mind, to use more enriching and supporting language to achieve the desired outcomes.

In the session, we discuss your issue and identify your triggers which need to be resolved. We use scientifically proven heart-mind coherence, to ensure that both your heart and mind are working together in full synchronization and harmony, which takes you deeper into the process and brings stronger and long lasting results.

We take you through a soothing hypnosis, taking you into a deep theta brainwave state, which is a very relaxed state. Here your mind is open to suggestion for new and supportive thoughts and beliefs. We change the neuroplasticity in your brain, whereby we reorganise and change your brain circuits to remove the negative thought patterns and replace them with positive thoughts and supportive ideas. We utilise our expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to embed new thought patterns and programmes. Once embedded, your new way of thinking will be highly effective and extremely beneficial in automatically changing your  behaviour and effortlessly releasing your worries forever.


Hypnosis helps with the following:

Food addictions and weight issues

Exam stress

Feeling overworked

Lacking confidence

Stopping smoking



Anger issues



The investment for one Hypnosis session


For a package of four Hypnosis sessions