Financial Skills Coaching

Financial Skills Coaching

UK Apprenticeships are a significant proportion of the workforce, being fully funded by the UK government in companies with a turnover of over £3 million. We provide expert Skills Coaching to increase and demonstrate learners’ knowledge, skills and behaviours in the workplace in their chosen professional careers across the banking industry.

We coach learners at all levels including Director, Manager, Analyst and Graduate, from programme induction through to end point assessment, culminating at professional discussion and panel interview.

In the optimum and most efficient way, we provide the following:

Introduction to the programme to understand the structure

Regular learner and line manager meetings to set goals, targets and to monitor progress throughout the programme

Mindset management to ensure you are in the best frame of mind

Personal development to ensure you tie in your new skills, knowledge and behaviours into your work and career

Career coaching to focus you on promotions in the workplace

Strategic guidance to ensure you approach the requeirements of the programme in the optimum manner

Process improvement to ensure if we can get you there more quickly

Extensive feedback on completing portfolios, projects, exams, personal development plans and off the job training

Programme optimisation to ensure you complete the programme in the fastest time, and according to your availability

We meet with the learner and line manager regularly throughout the programme to set goals/targets, monitor progress, review quality, career, develop skills, whilst also ensuring safeguarding and mental health.

With our expertise we have coached 50 professionals at Director, Management and Analyst levels at UBS Bank, St James’s Place Wealth Management and Aon Financial Services to achieve distinctions and passes. We cover the following professional qualifications:

Level 7 Masters Degree:
• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 2&3

Level 6 Degree:
• Private Client Investment Advice & Management (PCIAM)
• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1

Level 4 Foundation Degree:
• Investment Operations Specialist (IOS)

We cover the following elements of the programme:

  • Coaching Introduction
  • Monthly meetings with learner and line manager
  • Reflective Statement Portfolio
  • Portfolio/Project Referencing Tables
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Off the Job Training
  • Project Plan


  • Project write-up
  • Interview Discussion Preparation
  • Professional Discussion / Panel Interview