Financial Skills Coaching

We provide expert Financial Skills Coaching at all professional levels of the organisation across the banking industry. We have coached 100 professionals including Directors, Management, Analysts and Graduates, with numerous achievements in distinctions and passes in their chosen programme career path.

Company Benefits

The UK Apprenticeship Programmes have numerous benefits. They comprise a significant proportion of the workforce and are fully funded by the UK government for companies with a turnover of over £3 million. Through the enhanced development of their employees, this has benefitted companies by boosting productivity, competitiveness, providing cost-effective training and expertise, reducing staff turnover and increasing staff retention and morale.

Employee Benefits

This has proven to be a highly successful programme for those undertaking these qualifications, which has increased their competencies in the workplace, for specialised knowledge, skills and behaviours. This has contributed to enhanced career development prospects, pay increases and bonuses.


Clients include world-class financial institutions, including UBS Bank, St James’s Place Wealth Management, Aon Financial Services, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Natwest Bank, Santander Bank, Coutts Private Bank, The Co-Operative Bank, Deloitte, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management.


We cover the following professional qualifications:

Level 7 Masters Degree – Senior Investment/Commercial Banking Professional:
• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 2&3

Level 6 Degree – Financial Services Professional (FSP):
• Private Client Investment Advice & Management (PCIAM)
• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1

Level 6 Degree – Senior Compliance/Risk Specialist (SCRS)

Level 4 Foundation Degree: Investment Operations Specialist (IOS):
• Investment Operations Certificate (IOC)

We coach professionals from programme induction through to end point assessment, culminating at professional discussion and panel interview. We address the following elements of the programme:

  • Programme Induction
  • Coaching Introduction
  • Learner and Line Manager Progress Review Meetings
  • Reflective Statement Portfolio
  • Portfolio and Project Referencing Tables
  • Personal Development Plans (PDP)
  • Off the Job Training
  • Functional Skills
  • British Values
  • Project Plans
  • End Point Assessor Planning Meetings
  • Gateway
  • Project Write-Up
  • Interview Discussion Preparation
  • Professional Discussion / Panel Interview
  • End Point Assessment

In the optimum and most efficient way, we provide the following:

Introduction to the programme to understand the structure

Regular learner and line manager meetings to set goals, targets and to monitor progress throughout the programme

Mindset management to ensure you are in the best frame of mind

Personal development plans to tie in your new skills, knowledge and behaviours into your work and career

Career coaching to focus on promotions in the workplace

Strategic guidance to ensure an optimum approach the requeirements of the programme

Process improvement to ensure a quicker and easier process

Extensive feedback on completing portfolios, projects, exams, personal development plans and off the job training

Programme optimisation to ensure you complete the programme in the fastest time, and according to your availability

We value our ability to build strong relationships with all stakeholders, taking into account each person’s individual needs and requirements. We set stretching goals and targets to maintain motivation, balance and progress. We meet with the learner and line manager regularly throughout the programme to determine goals/targets, monitor progress, review quality, discuss career progression and options, develop skills, whilst also ensuring safeguarding, mental and physical health.