Business Consulting

I provide you with business consulting and expertise for professional, team and business development. Using a unique combination of solutions and business acumen, I work with you to define the goals that are aligned with your authentic vision, culture and mission, and a way forward that focuses you, in the most highly efficient way, to experience successful change fast.

Let me show you how to achieve:

  • Business Development to ensure your business is keeping ahead of the changing times and trends
  • Strategic Planning to ensure clear outcomes and timeframes are identified
  • Strategic Efficiencies ensuring time is managed and clear focus is on results
  • Leadership Development with new leadership skills for today and the future
  • Personal Development enabling individuals to learn and grow for success
  • Personal Empowerment giving you courage to take the next step
  • Exceptional Performance so that you can deliver at your highest level
  • Cost Savings to ensure your business is running in the most efficient way
  • Quality Assurance which gives the highest quality improvements

I have worked extensively in various global companies and I have a passion for success in business. This has brought me a wealth of business experience, an understanding of success, great in-depth knowledge of the business world and has immensely increased my business acumen. I have consistently worked on world-class projects and programmes for globally known companies. I apply all this knowledge, skills and experience to my current clients and bring passion for success to the business world.

My current client is UBS Bank in London, on a Scholar Programme, where I am Coaching in financial skills, knowledge and behaviour to achieve the highest standards in finance.

My previous client was Santander Bank across the UK where I have been Coaching on award-winning Leadership Development programmes for the 21st Century for over 150 mid to senior-level leaders. They achieved breakthroughs and transformations in their day to day work and within their sphere of influence. This resulted in increased productivity, cost savings and significantly improved the company culture to be more digital, innovative and creative.

Across my 20-year career, the industries I have worked across include Banking, IT Services, Pharmaceuticals, Occupational Psychology and Property. Examples of corporate experience includes:

  • In Banking, Coaching on a Scholar Programme in financial skills, knowledge and behaviour to achieve the highest standards in finance industry
  • In Banking, Coaching leaders in Leadership Development for the future, to be innovative, digital and future focused to create success in the digital economy
  • In the corporate world, working at Vice President (VP) level with CEOs, Directors and Project Managers to ensure fast-paced projects and programmes are run on time, with the highest quality and within multi-million pound budgets
  • In Investment Banking, Managing Programme Management Offices (PMO) in the City of London and Canary Wharf, the financial capital of the world
  • In IT Services industries, ensuring solutions, standards of delivery and customer service are increased and exceeded
  • For a two-million-pound personal property portfolio

My Consultancy experience spans 20 years and includes UBS Bank, Santander Bank, HSBC Investment Bank, Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, Credit Suisse Investment Bank, BNP Paribas Securities Services, Mizuho International Japanese Investment Bank, ABN AMRO Investment Bank, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) IT Consultancy Services, Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceuticals, Richard Nelson Consultants and Advanced Personnel Technology Occupational Psychologists.nced Personnel Technology Occupational Psychologists.

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Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 2005 and have over 14 years of project management experience on global programmes and projects in the corporate world. I bring and add value to your vision, goals and plans and work with you to create meaningful goals and plans and break these down into manageable actions.


Qualified in the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) v1.2, which is a methodology that enables organisations to develop high quality products and process improvement in the delivery of product performance, cost and schedule. The outcomes of applying this methodology are effective delivery of services, superior service quality, controlled costs, improved schedule performance and high levels of customer satisfaction.


Certified with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) for the financial services sector, for key financial principles and products including assets and markets, equities, bonds, derivatives and investment funds. Also the broader economic environment, political systems, financial services regulation, ethical behaviour and acting with integrity.


Graduate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which empowers people and organisations with the skills and knowledge to drive performance, inspire change and unlock potential.


Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trained by Richard Bandler (NLP founder) and John La Valle (President of the Society of NLP). NLP is an approach to personal development to achieve significant and rapid results. Neuro is the mind, linguistic is the language and programming are the patterns that we create. The relationship between our mind, language and programmes can be reprogrammed to achieve rapid change to achieve the results we want.


DOTNATIVE-certified-3-starAvado Dot Native for digital knowledge, understanding and confidence including Digital Culture, Organisational Agility, Channels to Market, Customer Centricity, Digital Imperative, Unlocking Data.


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, Brunel University
  • Graduate Certificate in Business (Grad Cert), University of South Australia
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (PgDip), Kingston University