Coaching & Consulting


As a Certified Coach, Business Post Graduate, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master, I provide Business Coaching to professionals, individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate clients, in groups and individually.

I enable you to save on your most precious commodities:


Whilst increasing:


Over the years, I have learnt from World-Class business professionals such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar, Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder), Gary Vaynerchuck, Jay Abraham, Keith Cunningham, Stedman Graham, George Ross and Hugh Hilton. I have worked my way up to senior positions in the corporate world and run my own businesses.

I bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to my Coaching.




Personal Energy Consultations are unique for your personal, professional and business growth. These are highly effective, create instant shifts and results, and move you to your next level in life.

With a Degree in Psychology, I am an expert in a number of mindset and energy modalities, including being a ThetaHealing Master, NLP Master, Reiki Master and Hypnotic Practitioner.

I permanently clear your obstacles from negative conscious and subconscious beliefs and emotions, to positivity, so that you live in flow and experience success easily and effortlessly.



The Lifestyle Living Programme empowers you to live the lifestyle of your choice, by combining business and personal solutions for your life, to ensure consistent results in all aspects of your life.

Freedom: Free your mind and body from the negative clutter that is holding you back and stopping you moving forward. Design your life to experience personal, psychological and physical  freedom.

Flexibility: Live in a way that you want, where you manage your time on your terms that suits your lifestyle, in whichever location you choose, so that you can travel and see the world, or spend more time with family and friends.

Fulfilment: Choose to focus on your passions in life and be empowered. Create value for the world in a way that fulfils your life purpose and attracts those who resonate and enrich you.

Life is too short to not be spending it in the way you want. I will show you how.