Business Coaching


I am an Accredited Coach and provide expert Business Coaching to professionals, individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate clients, in groups and individually. With extensive Corporate experience, Business Post Graduate Degrees, as a Project Management Professional and a Property Entrepreneur, I have a wealth of expertise in business and coaching that I bring to my clients.

I enable you to save on your most precious commodities:


Whilst increasing:




You will be empowered to:

  Get focused to create and achieve meaningful goals

  Achieve success more quickly and strategically

  Create high level plans and implement manageable action plans

  Build confidence and self esteem

  Have personal resilience to manage and overcome difficult and challenging situations

  Achieve promotions in the workplace

  Increase revenue in your business

  Understand your customers’ needs and increase customer satisfaction

  Delegate tasks which are not aligned to your value, interests or availability

  Use empowering questions to achieve greater results and outcomes

  Be creative and innovative, collaborate and realise the value of change

  Save time, increase quality and reduce costs

  Identify and create meaningful success

  Be happier in your personal and professional lives

  Focus on personal wellbeing as an essential part of fulfilling your professional goals





“Maria provided invaluable advice on how to approach various challenges presented to us. She is a clearly knowledgeable and experienced Coach who pushed us to think differently. Maria was genuinely tracking my development and offering advice tailored to my own personal journey.”

Chris, Manager, Santander Bank, London, England

“Maria is an ever positive, great listener and Coach. Over 15 months Maria demonstrated her value and really helped me with my personal development. I would gladly work with Maria again.”

Ian, Programme Manager, Santander Bank, London, England

“On a personal level, you have been incredibly supportive on a 1:1 basis and I have found it extremely useful to have you as a soundboard as someone outside of my day to day network.”

Matthew, Manager, Santander Bank, London, England

“Firstly, I wanted to say that I’d not had a Coach before, so I was a little bit sceptical as to the personal value that I would get from it. However, I kept and open mind and I’m thankful that I did, through the journey I found it incredibly useful to set goals and targets for myself, and then discuss my progress against these. I have always thought of myself as driven and whilst I still feel this is true, I now really value the open commitment to someone independent to nudge me and to help me find the answers.”

Bob, Senior Manager, Santander Bank, England

“Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by encouraging me to use the concept of ‘possibility thinking’ to turn my mind-set (and those of others) around in order to overcome resistance to new ideas. This has proven to be a simple, yet effective tool. Maria very effectively kept me focused on using the ‘possibility thinking’ technique as a way of opening up the conversations and exploring deeper options.”

Julian, Head of Reporting, Financial Accounting & Control, Santander Bank, London, England

“I really feel that I benefitted very much from your insight and suggestions. You really made me look at issues in a way that I would not otherwise have thought of. Thank you.”

Doug, Manager, Santander Bank, London, England

“Maria helped me to understand and develop my ability to make a difference by training me so I have good thoughts about myself, avoiding hindering thoughts, teaching me to train the brain, filling it with positive things and preparing beforehand my meetings, so I can feel confidence in speaking up. My role needs high levels of confidence and being able to deal with very senior managers. She gave me different options and tips to change my habits of thinking. The obstacles I faced were to stop hindering thoughts, as they popped into my mind so easily. I will continue to make a difference by believing in myself, speaking up, when required and recognising and rejecting hindering thoughts.”

Marta, Finance Senior Manager, Santander Bank, Milton Keynes, England

“Thank you for all your help throughout the program as well, you were by far the best Skills Coach and I really appreciate you being there to support whenever needed.”

Brittney, Asset Management, UBS Bank, London, England

“Hi Maria, Just a quick observation following our chat yesterday. This morning, I listened to a couple of motivational videos and I can see the difference in my mood this morning. I feel like today especially, I feel like I have more energy, happier, and I’m being more deliberate about things. I’ll update you how things are progressing. Just wanted to say please don’t stop doing what you do, you are making a difference. Thanks again.” 

May, UBS Bank, London, England