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I provide Business Coaching to professionals, individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate clients in groups and individually.

I have empowered my clients to:

✓  Get focused to create and achieve meaningful goals

✓  Achieve success more quickly and strategically

✓  Create high level plans and implement manageable action plans

✓  Have personal resilience to manage and overcome difficult and challenging situations

✓  Achieve promotions in the workplace

✓  Increase revenue in their business

✓  Understand their customers’ needs and increase customer satisfaction

✓  Delegate tasks which are not aligned to their value, interests or availability

✓  Use empowering questions to achieve greater results and outcomes

✓  Be creative and innovative, collaborate and realise the value of change

✓  Save time, increase quality and reduce costs

✓  Identify and create meaningful success

✓  Be happier in their personal and professional lives

✓  Focus on personal wellbeing as an essential part of fulfilling their professional goals


My corporate coaching clients include the following Banks:

UBS Bank is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company, specialising in wealth management, asset management and investment banking. UBS Bank is the largest Swiss banking institution in the world, which was founded and based in Switzerland.

I coach a number of Leaders at all levels to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours in their chosen financial careers at UBS Bank.

Santander Bank is a Spanish multinational bank and is one of the largest retail and commercial banks in the UK with £1.5 billion annual profit, 15 million customers and £172 billion in customer deposits.

I coached Leaders and facilitated teams at all levels across the UK, as part of the Leadership Development Team on the “i25 Programme”. This was an innovative learning programme for over 150 Leaders to become Leaders for the future. I coached leaders to understand that the skills needed for the future are not the same as the skills required for today. Times are changing fast and it is important to make yourself valuable in today’s world of constant change. This video demonstrates the importance of learning skills for the future in the new economy.


Project Management Professional (PMP)

Image result for pmi project management professional logoPrior to Coaching, my business career has been in global Change and Transformation Projects and Programmes as a Project Management Professional (PMP). I have been a PMP since 2005. I add value to Coaching by applying my Project Management knowledge and experience to enable you to create goals, together with manageable and achievable action plans to move forward.


In the Banking sector in the corporate world, my clients included the following:



Here I share my vision for the future about what skills are needed to guarantee success in the 21st Century:


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