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Business Coaching Success Strategy

Deep Dive into your Business

  Mindset Mastery for Business Owners, CEOs and Directors

  Create Business Strategy for Success in 2020 and beyond

 Streamline Business Process Solutions


Clarity Consulting Sessions and Packages

  Initial Discovery Call to discuss your situation and to prepare your personal transformation

  Clarity Consulting with concise expertise to compassionately clear your core issues, moving you into personal alignment, so that you experience life with flow and ease

  Personalised Session Recording to watch or listen to your fascinating transformation

  Specific Specialised Actions “homework” to lock in all the changes and keep you in personal alignment

  Gentle Aftercare Guidelines to integrate the changes even further into your life

Private Packages include up to three Clarity Consulting sessions per month



Clarity Consulting – 30 minutes 

Clarity Consulting – 60 minutes

Clarity Consulting – 90 minutes

Private Package – 1 month

Private Package – 2 months

Private Package – 3 months


Lifestyle Living Programme


Gold Level

 Fully integrative Coaching programme over three months

 60 minute sessions twice a month, on phone or Skype to change negative beliefs and emotions to positive ones to create success

 Focus on essential areas of your life to achieve tangible results

 Progression, goal defining and accountability – each session builds on the previous one

Development and integration so that you grow and achieve your desired lifestyle

 Lifestyle Living Workbook with tips to keep you on track

 Post-consultation guidelines to keep you moving forward in between energy clearing consultations

  Post-session progress to follow up on your transformation

 Messenger/email support – 30 minutes each month


Upgrade to Platinum Level

 Additional 3 x 60 minute sessions for intense integration

 Additional monthly experience of the Blissful Sleep Programme


Blissful Sleep Programme

Experience blissful sleep which results in relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration that a full night’s sleep gives you.



 Gift Certificates available to give to friends, family or loved ones.