Yesx 2019 Speakers Award

I received an award for speaking on the Yesx 2019 stage. I gave an inspirational talk on a topic that has empowered my personal growth,  Secrets to Meaningful Success.

I shared profound life lessons to inspire and show that we can live life in flow where we are the creators of our lives, rather than being programmed to accept a substandard life. 



Innovation in Learning Award Finalist

As a Coach on Santander Bank’s i25 Programme, we had the pleasure of being a finalist for the Innovation in Learning Award 2019’, from the prestigious ‘Learning and Performance Institute’ (LPI), who are the UK’s leading authority for workplace learning professionals. Santander Bank were the only bank to be in the finals of this category, amongst hundreds of global entries submittedThe Leaders demonstrated a real commitment to learning throughout this programme. They progressed under challenging circumstances and made a real difference to the bank with their innovative ideas. They developed numerous new, unique and essential skills for the digital world and these new skills are essential to guarantee success today and in the future.


“The Annual Learning Awards are a celebration of learning achievement. The finalists for the 2019 Learning Awards, represent the highest achieving individuals and organisations in the field of Learning and Development. Every shortlisted finalist has demonstrated exceptional performance and contribution to the Learning Profession. Celebrating quality, excellence and best practice.”