BSc (Hons), PG Dip, Grad Cert, PMP, MNLP, Assoc CIPD

I am fascinated by the human mind and energy, and how our experiences shape our beliefs, which in turn determines our emotions, behaviours and ultimately our outcomes. I know what it takes to be successful, through mastering the conscious and subconscious mind and managing our own energy.  Through a variety of success strategies, I am passionate about empowering my clients, and you, to experience meaningful success.

I am an expert in a number of business, mindset and energy modalities, including:

  • Psychology Graduate BSc (Hons)
  • Business Post Graduate (Grad Cert)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (PG Dip)
  • Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)
  • Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS)
  • Accredited Coach
  • Dot Native Certified (Digital Skills)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • ThetaHealing Instructor & Master Practitioner
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner
  • Hypnotic Practitioner
  • Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Past Life Regression and Intuitive Reiki Practitioner
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner
  • Business Mastery
  • Mastery University
  • Wealth Mastery

My Story

I understand how wonderful it is to live with freedom, flexibility and fulfilment and I have a deep passion to share this with you.

I made the decision to change my life and went from a difficult lifestyle …

  • Working long hours and feeling trapped, having no time to myself and feeling that life is passing me by
  • Minimal holidays and catching up on sleep at weekends to recover my energy
  • Difficult personal life with unresolved childhood trauma, continuous stress, recurring issues and not being able to move forward


  • Freedom to design my ideal life in flow with synchronicity for business, travel, opportunities and experiences
  • Flexibility to be on my own schedule and choosing where to live including the vibrant City of London and the peaceful English countryside, by the beach on the beautiful island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, and travelling around the world
  • Fulfilment by making meaningful impact, working with intelligent, interesting and inspired people, through coaching, consulting, volunteering and talks around the world to share my story and inspire others

By working with me, you, like me, will experience your own version of success.


My business background is in Coaching, Psychology and Global Change and multi-million pound Transformation Programmes in the corporate world.  I have a deep understanding of success through my knowledge and extensive experience in the world’s leading investment banks and businesses. I have worked my way up to senior positions in the corporate world, and I have practical experience and expertise in project management, quality, system and process improvement methodologies to streamline and create success. My business clients have included the world’s leading Banks, Global Corporations and Consultancies.

Expertise & Mastery

I have invested thousands of hours in learning to gather cutting-edge, in-depth strategies and expertise to gain mastery in my chosen field of transformational success,  I build on these and share them with my clients to increase their success exponentially.

My interest and knowledge started with a Psychology Degree and Business Post Graduates. Since then, I have specialised in various modalities to strengthen my knowledge of the mind, business and success. My knowledge and expertise ranges from the practical and pragmatic to the theoretical and metaphysical.

Over the years I have learnt from World-Class business professionals, trainers and speakers. I have trained with the father of Coaching, and Strategist, Tony Robbins,  the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Richard Bandler, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder), Gary Vaynerchuck, Jay Abraham, Keith Cunningham, Stedman Graham, George Ross and Hugh Hilton, amongst many others.

I have also completed firewalks to embed a true sense of self-belief and making the impossible, possible.


I have given inspiring talks, and spoken on panels in:



Global Woman Club Women’s Day Certificate

On International Women’s Day 2020, I received a certificate from Mirela Sula from the Global Woman Club as I was “Recognised for the positive impact created in the Global Woman Community”.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and inspiring hundreds of women globally over the last few years, through the Global Woman Annual Summits, monthly clubs, public speaking, being on panels at special events, creating connections, having collaborations and making a difference through my gifts of Coaching and Consulting that I bring to women and this community. 

I have travelled from London to New York, Paris and Los Angeles with the Global Woman club and have shared my message to  empower women globally and how they can make a change in this world, through their own uniqueness and understanding of themselves and what they can bring into the world.


Yesx Speakers Award 2019

I received an award for speaking on the Yesx 2019 stage. I gave an inspirational talk on a topic that has empowered my personal growth,  Secrets to Meaningful Success.

I shared profound life lessons to inspire and show that we can live life in flow, where we are the creators of our lives.

Innovation in Learning Award Finalist 2019

Santander Bank is one of the largest banks in the world, with over 102 million customers, over 14,000 branches and approximately $1.4 trillion in total assets under management, and total market capitalisation of $70 billion. As a Coach on Santander Bank’s million-pound ‘i25 Programme’, we had the pleasure of being a finalist for the ‘Innovation in Learning Award 2019’, from the prestigious ‘Learning and Performance Institute’ (LPI), who are the UK’s leading authority for workplace learning professionals. Santander Bank were the only bank to be in the finals of this category, amongst hundreds of global entries submitted.

The programme  involved 150 leaders across all areas of the bank, who were committed to being leaders of the future, determining what it takes to be a leader in the year 2025 and beyond. Throughout this programme, the leaders demonstrated a real commitment to the application of learning. I coached them through many fascinating cutting-edge strategies to increase their creative and innovative ideas, solutions and thinking differently, so they could influence Senior Directors, teams and peers back in the workplace, to create change in the business. They progressed under challenging circumstances and made a real difference to the bank with their innovative ideas. They developed numerous new, unique and essential skills for the digital world and these new skills are essential to guarantee success today and to lead the bank into the future.

“The Annual Learning Awards are a celebration of learning achievement. The finalists for the 2019 Learning Awards, represent the highest achieving individuals and organisations in the field of Learning and Development. Every shortlisted finalist has demonstrated exceptional performance and contribution to the Learning Profession. Celebrating quality, excellence and best practice.”

Magazines and Articles

My work has been featured in magazine and articles in:

I regularly write LinkedIn articles, which are available here.


My entrepreneurial experience has been in real estate/property, where I am passionate to acquire, renovate and create comfortable homes in beautiful prime locations in London and Malta.

Research and Development

I keep abreast of the latest research and developments through my specialised membership and continuous professional development with these highly respected institutions. I bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to my clients through my Coaching and Consulting.


At Tony Robbins’ events, I have been part of the Event Team for many years, to support thousands of people experience transformational change, including Business Mastery, Date with Destiny and Unleash the Power Within (UPW),  where I have helped thousands of people to complete a Firewalk to change their mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and create success.


To truly feed your spirit, remember this: The secret to living is giving. No matter how busy or broke you may be, you have something to offer others“.

Tony Robbins

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

Giving back to others without expecting something in return, through volunteering has been extremely rewarding. Research has shown that having a purpose outside ourselves is good for our mental health, our physical health and longevity. Over the years I have enjoyed giving back to the community and have volunteered at:

At Business & Professional Women in Malta, I mentored numerous 14 year old school girls in making decisions about their future. This was an event with the President of Malta and HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

At Christmas time I have supported the homeless and low income families through providing their Christmas meals.

Charitable Support

I also support the following charitable organisations who are bringing good into the world for those special people who need it, such as experiences of childhood trauma, and for causes close to my heart.