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BSc (Hons), PG Dip, Grad Cert, PMP, MNLP, MBPsS, AC, Assoc CIPD


My mission is to empower you to create a life you love and a lifestyle you adore. Through my work I am able to facilitate you to create business, professional and personal success.

After working a number of years in the corporate world, my priorities changed as I realised that my success only came through intense hard work and stress, to which I had become accustomed. I knew I was missing out on the lifestyle I truly wanted. From that point onwards, I made it my goal to transform and create a life that was authentic to me.

I made the decision to change my life and went from a difficult lifestyle …

  • Working long hours and feeling trapped, having no time to myself and feeling that life is passing me by
  • Minimal holidays and catching up on sleep at weekends to recover my energy
  • Difficult personal life with continuous stress, recurring issues and not being able to move forward

Through my own fascinating journey of self discovery, I discovered strategies to create the lifestyle I wanted, easily, effortlessly and in flow. I now live l
ive in flow with synchronicity and the feeling of freedom, flexibility and fulfilment.

  • Freedom where I choose how to work
  • Flexible lifestyle on my own schedule choosing where to spend time in the world, which I spend between the vibrant City of London, the peaceful English Countryside and by the Beach on the beautiful island of Malta
  • Fulfilment through meaningful impact, working with intelligent, interesting and inspired people, through coaching, consulting and programmes


Success Strategies

I have a deep passion for learning and have invested thousands of hours by gathering in-depth knowledge and expertise to gain mastery in my chosen field. My interest and knowledge started with a Psychology Degree and Post Graduate qualifications in Business.

Since then, I have specialised in various modalities to strengthen my knowledge of the mind, business and success. I have transformed these into unique success strategies that I want to share with you to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

My knowledge and expertise ranges from the practical and pragmatic to the theoretical and fascinating:


Specialised Memberships

I keep abreast of the latest research and developments through having specialised memberships with these global and national highly respected institutions. The highest global and national standards in these areas of expertise has been demonstrated through knowledge, quality of work and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

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Here I am on the Global Woman stage, sharing my journey to changing my life, living in my truth and becoming a Coach.


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